Stone, Tile, & Wood Cleaning

Stone, Tile, & Wood Cleaning


As a premier textile cleaner Simply Carpet Cleaning has deeply embedded roots in tile, stone, and marble cleaning and polishing. Because hard surface cleaning is a completely different niche than carpet, upholstery, and rug cleaning we have teamed up with a IICRC SMT (Stone, Mason, Ceramic Tile Cleaning Technician). With extensive knowledge, experience, and the proper certification an SMT Technician can bring your tile and grout from grime to shine!

Hardwood Floor Renewal & Revitalization

NEW! Thanks to advances at the IICRC we now have options for hardwood floor revitalization. This revolutionary new process provides a deep clean and restores your wood floors to a “like new” finish at a fraction of the cost of sanding and refinishing. You could save hundreds, and in most cases, even thousands of dollars. Before you decide to invest in sanding and refinishing your hardwood floors, call us to provide you with a FREE, No-Obligation onsite rate quote. Our wood floor revitalization process gently removes the layers of hazy white wax build up on your wood floors down to the polyurethane and deeply cleans the wood floors, restoring them back to their original “like new” finish.

Removal of Wax Buildup on Hardwood Floors

Some hardwood floor care products, including wood soaps and mop-on type finishes, promise to keep your floors looking shiny and that’s ok for a while. However, over time, the acrylic wax builds up like a shell. As this build-up continues with each layer every small catch and smear begins to become trapped in-between each layer, leaving your floors looking dull and hazy; with a sticky white wax build-up. Simply Carpet Cleaning’s Wood Floor Revitalization process uses specialty tools and a highly refined process to gently, and effectively cut through the hazy wax build-up.

Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning

If your hard wood floors have build up from dirt and foot traffic with minimal scratches and damages you don’t need to resurface them; a professional hardwood floor cleaning is all you need to restore them to their original luster. Our hardwood cleaning process begins with a thorough vacuuming, next our technicians use specialty wood floor cleaning equipment to break through grime and buildup. You may opt to have your floors re-coated after the wood floor cleaning process to add a brilliant shine.


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TILE & GROUT Definitions


When you’re a true professional it’s important to know exactly what type of surface you’re working with. Of course, the obvious ceramic tiles don’t require this test, but in the event that there is any doubt your technician will perform a surface test free of charge.


We treat your home with the same respect that we treat our own homes. To avoid leaving scuffs and chipped corners we use 18″ tall corner guards and Teflon coated non-abrasive, non-marring hoses.


As water temperature heat raises so does a cleaning solutions effectiveness. We utilize top of the line Sapphire Scientific equipment to achieve over 1200 PSI, 225+ Degree Steam, and the most powerful vacuum power for a truly deep clean.


Hard surfaces take the most amount of abuse when it comes to the household wear and tear. To help revive these high-wear areas we apply a product specifically formulated to suspend the soil, grime, and particulates in these areas.


In order to assist you with a contaminate free hard surface we will gladly assist with moving furniture up to 150 lbs. We limit furniture moving to a maximum of 7 pieces per room/area. Our technicians are trained to only move furniture that is free of delicate or breakable items such as table lamps, picture frames, and decorations. For insurance purposes, Simply Carpet Cleaning cannot move electronic, antique, instrumental, delicate, glass, or high-value items. Couches and chairs exceeding 150 lbs. will be moved forward, cleaned under, then moved back to their position. However, due to the complications and potential break hazards of brackets we do not move connected sectionals.


After we have completely cleaned each room/area to it’s best condition we utilize a new technology in the air mover world to rapidly dry your hard surfaces. This new technology, called Air Pods, provides continuous flow to each room/area until we leave the job. With the use of Air Pods we have achieved dry times as fast as 15 minutes! Not all surfaces will dry this fast of course, but the product stands for itself in terms of added value.


Each room/area is limited to a maximum of 200 sq. ft. Minimum order of 2 rooms/areas. Due to insurance policies, Simply Carpet Cleaning cannot move electronic, antique, instrumental, glass, delicate, or high-value items. Pre-cleaning, performed by the home owner prior to arrival, is required for “Package 1” and is requested for “Package 2” and “Package 3”. Medium sized rooms/areas (<100 Sq. Ft.) are considered half price areas. Any room/area larger than a medium sized area (>100 Sq. Ft.) is considered a full-size area. Due to the nature of cleaning, bathrooms/toilet areas must be hand cleaned. As such bathroom/toilet areas are considered individual, full-size areas. Oversize rooms (201 sq. ft. or more) will be billed at an additional rate in accordance to the package chosen. Technicians may choose to decline service for any reason. Typical reasons for decline include: weak or loose tiles or grout lines, hazardous conditions, or permanently stained surfaces. Second story access homes, apartments, condos, and town homes are subject to a $25/floor equipment fee. Sales tax is NOT included. We respect your time and make an effort to be on time for each and every client as well as provide reminder emails and confirmation calls. We ask that you provide us with the same courtesy. To enforce this requirement, last minute cancellations within 24 hours of service are subject to a $50 cancellation fee. Service territory includes any home within a 20 mile radius of zip code 75238.


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